Dose Rate Warning Devices: DL-Warner 6126B

6126B front view The DL-WARNER 6126B is a battery-powered portable device designed to emit a warning whenever the Personal Dose Equivalent Rate Hp(10) caused by photon radiation (gamma and X-radiation) exceeds a certain threshold. The »DL« in its name stands for »Dosisleistung«, the German word for dose rate. The device provides personal protection when handling radioactive substances or when moving to areas with radiation hazard. It is comfortably worn on the clothing.

The 6126B uses an energy compensated GM counting tube as the detector. Particular advantages of this device are easy operation and robust design.

6126B top view The switch at the front panel is easy to access and is the only operating element required for routine operation. This switch has three positions »Aus-Off«, »Batt.«, and »Ein-On«. Another switch, which requires a screw driver to be rotated, selects the dose rate warning threshold. The necessity of using a screwdriver avoids the threshold to be modified unintentionally.

Moving the operating switch to the »Batt.« position tests the device in general, and the battery in particular. If the warning tone is on in that position, this signals that the battery is good enough for 30 operating hours or more. The battery compartment is in the lower part of the housing, covered by a sliding lid.

Moving the operating switch to the »Ein-On« position activates dose rate warning. If dose rate exceeds the selected threshold, a warning tone will go on and remain on until either the dose rate drops below the threshold or the device is switched off.

Measuring quantity: (Deep) Personal Dose Equivalent Hp(10).
Three dose rate warning thresholds to select from: 25 µSv/h (optionally 10 µSv/h), 1 mSv/h, 10 mSv/h.
Energy range: 50 keV - 1.3 MeV
German approval for use by fire brigades: DLW/FW/IdF 027201/4
9 Volt alkaline battery (IEC 6LR61) included in the delivery.

Data sheet 6126B

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