High Dose Rate Devices 665.x

665.2 The High Dose Rate Devices 665.x are intended to measure gamma radiation under water in spent fuel storage pools of nuclear power plants. The detector is a stainless steel ionisation chamber which is connected to the indicating meter through a radiation resistent special cable. The ionisation chamber does not contain any electronics because these would quickly suffer from radiation damage. Since the 30 m long special cable has considerable volume and weight, it is coiled up on a cable reel. Cable reel and indicating meter are both accommodated on a trolley.

Model 665.1 indicates in Roentgen, model 665.2 in Sievert. However, this only concerns indication because the Ionisation Chamber 665.1.2 is identical for both models and is designed for the old quantity Hx. A model for H*(10) is neither planned nor meaningful since H*(10) is a radiation protection quantity which shall estimate a personal dose risk. This does not apply to the High Dose Rate Device because obviously this device is not used at places where persons are expected. Actually absorbed dose measured in Gy (Gray) would be the quantity appropriate for this device, but we did not want extend the sometimes confusing variety of quantities even further.

Range 665.1: 1 R/h - 1500 kR/h.
Range 665.2: 0.01 Sv/h - 15 kSv/h.
Energy range: 80 keV - 3 MeV.
Complete with Ionisation Chamber 665.1.2, 30 m special cable, cable reel and trolley, Charging Unit 875.1, accumulators (3 each EB91-0017). Charging unit and accumulators are of the same type as can be used with the Scintomat 6134A(/H). Alternatively the device can be operated from batteries (3 each 1.5 Volt D cell IEC LR20).

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