Area Monitor: Gamma Monitor 632.1

»Area Monitor« shall mean a system, stationary installed at some place like a room, to measure and monitor dose rate at that place.


The Gamma Monitor 632.1 is an area monitor for measuring photon radiation (gamma and X-radiation). It is mounted at the wall. The Probe 632.1.2 which is included in the delivery connects to the bottom of the Gamma Monitor. The Probe may be operated remotely from the indicating unit through a probe cable which may be up to 100 m long. Alarm thresholds (pre-alarm and main alarm) can be set through BCD switches at the Gamma Monitor. Exceeding the pre-alarm is visualised by the yellow lamp, and exceeding the main alarm is visualised by the red lamp. Alarm contacts (relays) enable external devices to respond to the alarms.

The Gamma Monitor is designed for the old quantity Hx. Since it is quite an aged model, we never planned a version for H*(10). For new acquisition we recommend the Gamma Alarm Station 859.x from the 6150AD Family of Products.

Range: 0.1 µSv/h - 10.000 µSv/h.
Energy range: 60 keV - 2 MeV.
Power supply: 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 0.2 A.

Optional Accessories for Gamma Monitor 632.1

The Transparent Case 632.1.4, protection class IP65, protects the Gamma Monitor by making it splash-proof. Unfortunately, this part is no longer available, even as an accessory for existing devices, because our supplier lost the moulding tool which could not be replaced at reasonable cost.

The Probe Cable 632.1.3 (length 5 m) allows to operate the Probe 632.1.2 remotely from the indicating unit. Custom specific length may be up to 100 m.

The Wall Holder 632.1.9 allows to mount the remote Probe 632.1.2 at a wall.

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