SZINTOMAT® (English spelling: SCINTOMAT) is our trademark (German registration number 303 55 580).
General Features

The Scintomats are portable battery-powered dose rate meters to measure photon radiation (gamma and X-radiation). An organic scintillator together with a photomultiplier tube (PMT) serves as the radiation detector. This results in high sensitivity and wide energy range at low directional dependence.

Both Scintomats use an analog needle meter for indication. The »small« Scintomat 6134 has ten linear ranges which have to be selected manually. The »big« Scintomat 6134A has three logarithmic ranges. These three ranges can be selected manually or set to automatic range switching. Moreover, the 6134A additionally provides digital dose indication, an analog recorder output, alarm thresholds for both dose rate and dose, a relay contact for remote alarm indication, and a serial RS232 interface. The 6134A was designed in 1978 and is, according to our knowledge, worldwide the first battery-powered portable radiation meter equipped with a microprocessor.

Models 6134 and 6134A (without the /H suffix) are PTB approved for the old quantity Hx. In 2005 we created models 6134/H and 6134A/H for the new quantity H*(10). These newer models are no longer PTB approved. This is not because of the different measuring quantity, but because of general changes in PTB requirements in the course of time. Among other things, the latest PTB standards require the reading uncertainty not to exceed 2%. Only an instrument with digital indication can meet this requirement, however the Scintomats with their analog needle cannot. Following the latest PTB requirements, even the old Scintomats could not be approved any more. However, PTB measured energy dependence and directional dependence of both Scintomats by our order. The most important feature, that is response to ambient dose equivalent H*(10), is therefore certified by PTB, although PTB did not issue a type approval for the reasons just mentioned.

We do not plan to modernise the Scintomats through steps such as replacing the analog meter by a digital display. The instruments' well-known nature would suffer too much from that. On the contrary, we even discontinued manufacturing the »big« Scintomat 6134A(/H) in 2014 because some of its parts were more and more difficult to obtain. Should you depend on a PTB approved scintillator instrument for H*(10), we recommend the Scintillator Probe 6150AD-b/H from the 6150AD Family of Products.

Batteries and the removable carrying strap (part number 187.5) are included in the delivery.

6134/HHx model: 6134
H*(10) model: 6134/H
with integrated scintillator probe, including batteries (four each 1.5 Volt D cell IEC LR20).
Range: 0.02 µSv/h - 30 mSv/h.
Energy Range 6134: 20 keV - 1.3 MeV.
Energy Range 6134/H: 20 keV - 7 MeV.
Angular range 6134: ±45°.
Angular range 6134/H: ±60°.

6605.3Optional Accessory: Case 6605.3, Plastic Case Type 6605G for 6134(/H), Dimensions 395 x 270 x 130 mm³, for storage of:
1 each Scintomat 6134(/H).
1 each Carrying Strap for 6134(/H).
1 each Check Source 6706/6706-1.
4 each D cell 1.5 Volt.

6134A/HHx model: 6134A
H*(10) model: 6134A/H
Discontinued in 2014.

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