TELETECTOR® is our trademark (German registration number 303 55 581).
General Features

The Teletectors are portable battery-powered dose rate meters to measure photon radiation (gamma and X-radiation) and to detect beta radiation. Two GM counting tubes serving as the detectors are placed at the end of a stainless steel telescope which can be continuously extended up to approximately four metres. The tubes are placed along the axis one behind the other. A groove marks the centre of each tube. The low range tube can also detect beta radiation. Together with the high range tube a wide range of up to 10 Sv/h is achieved.

All Teletectors use the same stainless steel telescope. Electronics and the probe head accommodating the tubes are different.

With exception of the Teletector Probe 6150AD-t(/H), all models are powered by four 1.5 Volt C cells (IEC LR14), where the handle serves as the battery compartment. Batteries and a Carrying Strap are included in the delivery.

6112BThe Teletector 6112B-100 (indication in Sv/h) and the 6112B-101 (indication in R/h) are the classic models with an analog needle meter. The electronics, although completely redesigned in 2003, are purely analog too, i.e. without a microprocessor. Operation is extremely easy through one single rotary switch with seven positions Off / Battery Condition / five measuring ranges. This means that the range has to be selected manually. The instrument does not provide a speaker and thus has no alarm thresholds. An earphone can be connected at the instrument's side. This Teletector is designed for the old quantity Hx. We do not plan a version for H*(10).

Five analog ranges:
0 - 2 mR/h 0 - 20 µSv/h low range tube
0 - 50 mR/h 0 - 500 µSv/h low range tube
0 - 2 R/h 0 - 20 mSv/h low range tube
0 - 50 R/h 0 - 500 mSv/h high range tube
0 - 1000 R/h 0 - 10 Sv/h high range tube
Energy range: 80 keV to 2 MeV

6112DThe Teletector 6112D-100(/H) provides an LCD with four large digits and is thus the digital successor of the 6112B. Originally designed in 1981 with digital electronics without microprocessor, in 2005 the instrument was given completely new electronics including a microprocessor. Since then the instruments has all the modern features like a floating time constant and self-monitoring. Operation is similarly easy as for the 6112B. The large rotary switch provides five positions Off / Battery Condition / three measuring ranges. This means that the range has to be selected manually. The small switch for the time constant is no longer required in standard operation because the microprocessor automatically selects the time constant. The instrument does not provide a speaker and thus has no alarm thresholds. An earphone can be connected at the instrument's side. The original model 6112D-100 (without the /H suffix) is designed for the old quantity Hx. In 2001 we created the model 6112D-100/H for the quantity H*(10). We did not aim at a PTB approval because of the relatively low demand for this Teletector model in Germany.

Hx model: 6112D-100
H*(10) model: 6112D-100/H

Three digital ranges with floating decimal point:
0.01 - 9999 µSv/h Dose rate
low range tube
0.01 - 9999 mSv/h Dose rate high range tube
0.001 - 9999 mSv Dose high range tube
Energy range: 80 keV to 1.3 MeV

Dats sheet 6112D-100/H

6112MThe Teletector 6112M(/H) is PTB approved and provides many additional functions. Model 6112M (without the /H suffix) is designed for the old quantity Hx, and model 6112M/H is for the quantity H*(10). The 6112M(/H) simultaneously measures dose rate, dose, average dose rate, standard deviation of the average, and maximum dose rate. A fully graphic LCD with switchable illumination (LED back-light) shows all the information. Four keys allow to select functions from a menu, where the display always describes the current function of all keys. Menu options are represented in plain language. The user may select one of the three pre-programmed languages (German, English, French) or even a fourth individually programmable language. Besides the current function the display always shows some important parameters in a status line: battery condition, detector in use (low or high range tube), date, time, and whether alarm thresholds have been exceeded.

The Teletector can store up to 450 measurements. One measurement is not just a shot of the current dose rate, but it is an averaged value of dose rate, where the user can control the averaging time. This permits improved statistical accuracy of the stored measurements especially at low dose rates.

The integrated loudspeaker allows single pulse detection and sounds when some alarm is on. In case of contamination, the speaker may easily be replaced without having to open the instrument.

A non-volatile memory stores all settings when switching the Teletector off or when replacing the batteries. The real time clock keeps date and time with the help of a rechargeable back-up battery. A 16-bit microprocessor controls all the functions.

The Teletector 6112M(/H) has three operational modes the user can select:

  • 6112M mode: This mode offers the widest scope of functions.
  • 6150AD mode: This mode makes operation very similar to operating a 6150AD5/6. Only the 6150AD5/6 functions will be available..
  • Fire brigade mode: In this mode the Teletector only indicates dose rate, other functions are not available. The dose rate alarm threshold is fixed at 25 µSv/h. This mode is particularly intended for use by fire brigades.

Hx model: 6112M
H*(10) model: 6112M/H

Analog range: 0.1 µSv/h - 10 Sv/h.
Digital range: 0.01 µSv/h - 10 Sv/h.
Useful range: 1 µSv/h - 10 Sv/h,
in average mode: 0.4 µSv/h - 10 Sv/h.
Energy range 6112M: 60 keV - 1.3 MeV
Energy range 6112M/H: 45 keV - 1.3 MeV
The »useful« dose rate range is the range complying with German requirements for permissible fluctuations of dose rate indication.
The energy range is the range common for both tubes. The high range tube's energy range goes up to 3 MeV.

Data sheet 6112M(/H)

Our fourth Teletector Model is the Teletector Probe 6150AD-t(/H) from the 6150AD Family of Products.

Optional Accessories for 6112B and 6112D

6640C The Loudspeaker Attachment 6640C permits the GM tube pulses to be heard as crackling sounds thus representing dose rate acoustically. The Loudspeaker Attachment has a clip to put it onto the telescope.

6112B-134C The Earphone 6112B-134C also permits the GM tube pulses to be heard as crackling sounds. It includes ear clip, cable and plug.

Optional Accessories for 6112M(/H)

The Source Holder 761.14 serves to mount the Check Source 6706 or equivalent onto the probe head in a well-defined position. This allows reproducible radiological checks of either tube. Material grey plastic, dimensions 88 mm x diameter 86 mm.

The Earphone 865.1.4 (dynamic, 500 Ohm) with ear clip plugs into the connector at the Teletector's side through a 1.5 m cable. The Earphone receives the same acoustic signals as the built-in speaker. However, the Earphone output is always active independent of the speaker of the 6112M(/H).

The software WINCOM-M   LS05-0003 runs on a standard PC with an RS232 interface (COM1 - COM4). Its primary purpose is customising the Teletector (creating schedules and names of the places to be recorded, readout of stored measurements, creating your own language the Teletector shall use).

The Connecting Cable 865.1.3 connects the Teletector to the serial RS232 interface of a PC. The female DB-9 connector at the PC's end plugs into a PC's standard COM port. The other end plugs into the Teletector's connector. Cable length is 3 m.

Optional Accessories for all Teletectors

6112B-142 The Probe Cover 6112B-142 made of colourless plastic foil protects the extended telescope against contamination and also against dirt and humidity, e.g. in case of outdoor use.

6605.22 The Aluminium Case 6605.22 is recommended for safe transport and storage. It can store:
1 each Teletector 6112B/D/M
1 each Probe Cover 6112B-142
1 each Loudspeaker Attachment 6640C
1 each Earphone 6112B-134C
4 each C cell 1.5 Volt.
This case is also suited for the Teletector Probe 6150AD-t(/H) from the 6150AD Family of Products.

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