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Welcome to Automess! We are a company with many years of experience in the field of nuclear radiation measuring technology. The main focus of our work lies in the development, production and distribution of nuclear radiation meters, in particular, portable devices such as personal dosimeters and dose rate meters. About 30 employees work for us, and we are also represented worldwide through our distributor network. We have made a global name for ourselves thanks to developments such as the Teletector. Learn more about our products and about us as a company on our website.

30 Employees

Our company has been based in Ladenburg since 1978, where we employ about 30 people.

Since 1970

We are a company with years of experience that develops and produces its own products.

DIN certified

Our quality management is certified!

Global Distribution

We have a worldwide distributor network.

automess - Automation und Messtechnik GmbH

Products and Services

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Key functions at a glance: The following links will take you directly to an overview of our products, where you can learn more about potential application scenarios, the functions and technical specifications. You also have access to a dealer network that spans the entire world, the densest lies in Europe, naturally. However, we also have contacts in Asia, America and on the other continents. In addition, we also provide you with information about our products and the industry as well as trade with radiation protection measurement technology. In the service section, you can learn more about export restrictions, physical backgrounds, new developments and company news.


We develop, build and sell nuclear radiation measuring instruments, primarily portable models. Get an overview of our product range here!

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Do you need our assistance outside Germany? We are represented worldwide by our specialist dealers. You can view the automess dealer network here!

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We not only offer measurement technology but also the corresponding service. This starts right from the start, for example by informing you about export restrictions!

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