Dose Rate Warning Devices


The DL-WARNER 6126B is a battery-powered dose rate warning device for photon radiation (gamma and X-ray radiation) exceeding the personal dose equivalent rate Hp (10). The device provides personal protection when handling radioactive substances or when moving to areas with radiation hazard and can be worn comfortably on clothing.

An energy-compensated Geiger-Müller counter is used as the radiation receiver. The device are easy to handle and feature a robust design.

The operating switch is located on the narrow side on the top of the device and is thus easily accessible. The switch has the three positions “Off-Off”, “Batt.” and “Ein-On”. The warning threshold can be set to three different dose rate warning levels with a further switch. The axis of this switch features a slot which requires a screwdriver for making any adjustments. This prevents the warning threshold from being adjusted unintentionally.

The position “Batt.” on the switch is used to check the battery and function of the device. In this position, the alarm indicates that the battery guarantees a remaining minimum operating time of 30 hours. The battery compartment is located under a sliding cover in the bottom of the device.

If the dose rate at the device location exceeds the set threshold level in the “Ein-On” position, an audible alarm sounds until the dose rate falls below the threshold level or the device is switched off.

  • Measuring quantity: Deep personal dose equivalent Hp (10)

  • Adjustable warning thresholds: 25 µSv/h (optional 10 µSv/h),
    1 mSv/h,
    10 mSv/h

  • Energy range: 50 keV - 1,3 MeV

  • Approval for use by fire brigades in Germany: DLW/FW/IdF 027201/4 including
    9V battery (IEC 6LR61)


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