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Determining measurement parameters in radiation protection is always a challenge for experienced users. So it is important to correctly assess the type and energy of radiation as well as the dose rate range and to select the appropriate measuring device.

In addition to standard devices that cover a large measuring range, there are a large number of devices for particularly high or low dose rate ranges, contamination or telescopic probes, which are intended to protect the user against excessive radiation exposure.

This is where the 6150 AD from automess offers an interesting approach. A Geiger-Müller counter is a measuring device that covers a wide range of dose rates and energy. For special applications it can be expanded with suitable probes. An attractive feature for the user is that the operation of the 6150 AD does not change. The probes detect and display their measured values entirely automatically.

In the case of high dose rates, for example, the AD-t probe is available. The “t” stands for “Teletector” and means that a measurement can be carried out with a telescopic rod if the user is far away from the radioactive source.

The Ad-k probe makes it possible to detect contamination on surfaces by means of a large area proportional counter.

These are just two examples of how other measurement tasks can be performed using only the 6150 AD.

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