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Productfamily 6150AD

Cable for connecting the probes to the Dose Rate Meter 6150AD. The total length including any extension cables used may be up to 100 m. Stock item numbers with their standard lengths are (customised lengths are also possible):

  • 700.1.6 1,25 m
  • 700.1.11 3 m
  • 700.1.22 5 m
  • 700.1.7 10 m
  • 700.1.8 20 m
  • 700.1.10 75 m
  • 700.1.9 100 m

Extension Cable 700.1.16

Extension Cable 700.1.16 with plug and socket, is only made with a customer-specific length (total length including probe cable must not exceed 100 m).

Cable Coupling 700.1.23

Cable Coupling 700.1.23, aluminium housing with two sockets, for connecting (extending) two normal probe cables (total length must not exceed 100 m).

Probe Cable coiled 700.1.17

Probe Cable coiled 700.1.17, length 1.5 m, extended length 6.0 m.

Probe Cable coiled 700.1.18

Probe cable coiled 700.1.18, with two angled plugs, standard cable for Scintillator Probe 6150AD-b/E but can also be used for all other probes, length 0.3 m, elongated length 1.2 m.

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