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Teletector Probe 6150AD-t/E

TELETECTOR® is a trademark registered by us in Germany under number 303 55 581.

The calibratable Teletector Probe 6150AD-t/E is a portable probe which, in conjunction with a dose rate meter 6150AD, is used to measure photon radiation (gamma and X-rays) in the quantity of H*(10). The two Geiger-Müller counters at the end of the telescope offer a very wide dose rate range. The counter for the low area is located behind the window in the front of the counter housing and can also detect beta radiation. Switching between the two counters is automatically done by the 6150AD. The power supply comes from the 6150AD.

The stainless steel telescope can be continuously extended to a total length of approximately four meters. This allows a greater distance from the radiation source with a correspondingly reduced radiation exposure. It also makes measurements in hard-to-reach places easier.

As long as the button above the handle of the Teletector probe is kept pressed, the 6150AD works with its built-in counter. This allows the radiation conditions at the user’s location to be checked temporarily. An integrated short probe cable and the removable carrying strap are included in the delivery of the teletector probe but not with the 6150AD.

Teletector Probe 6150AD-t/E

  • Analogue display range: 0.1 µSv/h–10 Sv/h
  • Digital display range: 0,01 µSv/h–9.99 Sv/h
  • Digital display range: 0,5 µSv/h–9.99 Sv/h
  • Energy range: 65 keV–1.3 MeV


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