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6150AD5/Ex and Probe 6150AD-18/Ex

Dose Rate Measuring Device

The Dose Rate Measuring Device 6150AD5/Ex is specially designed for use in potentially explosive areas, hereinafter referred to as “Ex area”. A hazardous area is an area in which there is a risk of fire or explosion because flammable substances (gases, vapours, combustible dust) may be present.

The measured quantity is the ambient equivalent dose H*(10). A built-in Geiger-Müller counter serves as a detector, which allows measurements of dose rates up to 1 Sv/h. Below 0.2 mSv/h, the dose rate display fluctuates more than 5% around its mean, which makes the reading more difficult. Therefore, for measurements at low dose rates, the Probe 6150AD-18/Ex is available as an optional accessory, which is connected to the 6150AD5/Ex via the Probe Cable 878.1.1 (length 1.25 m, customer-specific up to 10 m possible). The 6150AD-18/Ex probe has a larger counter, which then allows measurements up to “only” 10 mSv/h yet is more suitable for low dose rates due to its significantly higher sensitivity.

According to the EC type examination certificate no. “PTB 04 ATEX 2004”, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), the 6150AD5/Ex and Probe 6150AD-18/Ex meet the basic requirements for the intended use in Ex areas (Zone 1). We did not strive for a type examination certificate in accordance with the German Measuring and Verification Act, the earlier “Approval for Calibration” because of the relatively small number of items.

The function of the 6150AD5/Ex corresponds to that of the normal 6150AD5/E. It is painted blue for better external differentiation. There are also some differences that result from the Ex regulations:

6150AD5/Ex and Probe 6150AD-18/Ex

  • The serial interface is not active.
  • The sounder is controlled differently. Its frequency is adjustable.
  • LEDs are used as luminous elements for the display lighting (instead of an electroluminescent film which requires higher operating voltages).
  • The temperature range is limited to -20°C to +40°C.
  • Other electronics with higher power consumption are used. This reduces the battery life.
  • The battery compartment can only be opened with the Special Key 878.1.2 (included in the delivery, shown below the 6150AD5/Ex in the picture above).
  • The probe socket requires a different connector type so that the standard probes of the 6150AD family cannot be connected.

As just mentioned, the standard probes of the 6150AD family cannot be connected to the 6150AD5/Ex because the standard probes do not offer Ex protection. On the 6150AD5/Ex, only the 6150AD-18/Ex probe can be operated with the special Probe Cable 878.1.1.

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