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General properties

The Teletectors are portable, battery-operated dose rate measuring devices, which are suitable for measuring photon radiation (gamma and X-rays) and for detecting beta radiation. Two Geiger-Müller counters serve as detectors. The counters are attached to the end of a stainless steel telescope that can be continuously extended to a total length of approximately four meters. The counters are arranged axially one behind the other, the centrer of the counter is identified by a marking groove. Beta radiation can also be detected with the counter for low dose rates (hereinafter referred to as NDL counter). Together with the counter for high dose rates (hereinafter referred to as HDL counter), a wide dose rate measuring range of up to 10 Sv/h can be covered.

All teletectors use the same stainless steel telescope. There are differences in the electronics and in the probe head with the counters.

All teletectors with the exception of the 6150AD-t(/E) are powered by four 1.5 volt baby cells (IEC LR14), with the handle serving as a battery compartment. The batteries and a carrying strap are included.

Teletector 6112AD

The Teletector 6112AD is a new development which combines the proven devices 6150AD and 6150AD-t into one device. The operation is the same as with the 6150AD but the Teletector is now operated with 2 buttons. The “Light” function key has been replaced by a light sensor. This light sensor automatically controls the white LED back light of the LCD depending on the lighting conditions. This offers best readability in darkness as well as in direct sunlight. Furthermore the Teletector 6112AD offers the following technical features:

Technical properties

  • Large display range from 0.01 μSv/h to 10 Sv/h (or 1 μR/h to 1000 R/h) with automatic range selection and automatic switching between the two counters
  • Energy range: 65 keV–1.3 MeV
  • Measures instantaneous level, average and maximum level of the dose rate and the dose simultaneously, also with external probes in the AmSeL family
  • One warning threshold each for dose rate and dose freely programmable
  • Programming mode for adapting the operation to customer-specific requirements
  • Continuous monitoring of counters and batteries
  • LCD with analogue and digital display and automatic lighting
  • Speakers for user guidance and warnings
  • Orange LED for additional visual warnings
  • Motion sensor saves energy: dims LCD lighting or even switches off the Teletector when not in use
  • Archive with the data of the last 496 uses.

Teletector 6112M/H

The calibratable Teletector 6112M/H simultaneously measures dose rate, dose, mean value of the dose rate, standard deviation of the mean value and maximum value of the dose rate in the measurand H*(10). The display is on a fully graphic LC display with switchable background lighting. The individual operating modes can be accessed via a menu using four keys. The menu is guided by plain text. For the plain texts you can choose between three permanently programmed (German, English and French) and one freely programmable language. In addition to the current function, the display simultaneously shows battery status, active detector (NDL or HDL counter), date, time and warning threshold violations in a status line.

The Teletector can record up to 450 readings in a table. In addition to simply storing the current dose rate, an average dose rate value is stored for each measuring point. The user can choose how long the average is to be taken for each measuring point. This allows better statistical accuracy to be achieved for the stored readings, especially at low dose rates.

An integrated loudspeaker is used for acoustic single pulse detection and alarm. In case of contamination, the speaker can be easily replaced without opening the unit.

All settings are saved when the power is turned off or the battery is changed. The Teletector has a battery-backed real-time clock with date and time. It is controlled by a 16-bit microprocessor.

The Teletector 6112M/H has three switchable operating modes:

  • 6112M mode: This is the mode in which the device has the greatest range of functions.
  • 6150AD mode: In this mode the operation of the Teletector 6112M/H is similar to the operation of the Dose Rate Meter 6150AD5/6. Only its functions are available.
  • Fire Brigade mode: In this operating mode the Teletector only displays the dose rate. It only has a fixed warning threshold of 25 µSv/h. This mode is specially designed for use by fire brigades.

Teletector 6112D-100/H

The Teletector 6112D-100/H has an LCD with a large four-digit digital display and is therefore the digital successor to the 6112B. Originally designed in 1981 with digital electronics without a microprocessor, the device received a completely new electronics with a microprocessor in 2005. This means that the device now also has modern features such as a floating time constant and self-monitoring. Operation is similarly simple as with the 6112B. The large rotary switch offers the five positions Off / Battery Test / Three Measuring Ranges. The range must therefore be set manually. The small switch for the time constant is no longer necessary in normal operation, as the microprocessor determines the time constant automatically. The device has no built-in speaker and therefore no warning thresholds. An earphone can be connected to an output on the side. The original model 6112D-100 (without appendage/H) was designed for the old measured quantity Hx. In 2001, the 6112D-100/H model was created for the measured quantity H*(10). PTB approval for calibration was not sought due to the low demand in Germany.

Three digital measuring ranges with automatic floating point:

  • 0,01 - 9999 µSv/h Dose rate NDL counter
  • 0,01 - 9999 mSv/h Dose rate NDL counter
  • 0,001 - 9999 mSv Dose HDL counter
  • Energy range: 80 keV to 1,3 MeV

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