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We develop radiation protection instruments for every application

Thanks to our wide range of products, we have the right radiation protection measuring instrument for every need: Whether test emitters or scintomats or personal dosimeters for occupational safety, we measure total radiation doses between 1 nSv/h and 10 Sv/h, depending on the type of instrument. We not only classify our instruments according to your requirements, we also attach great importance to the application itself. Our die-cast waterproof aluminium casing protects against harsh environmental conditions. That’s because our devices are not only used in occupational safety, industry or laboratories but also in disaster relief and by fire brigades.

We sell portable and battery-powered dose rate meters that measure radiation using an organic scintillator (hence the name) as a detector under the Szintomat brand, for example. Another one of our brands is Teletector, which is also a battery operated and portable dose rate meter but which measures with two Geiger-Müller counter tubes. We also have suitable devices in the area of high dose rate meters or in radio dosimetry.

They offer more detailed information about our product lines. You can also learn more about individual radiation meters as well as additional notes on their use or function. We also offer suitable accessories for all our measuring instruments as a matter of course.

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