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Digital dosimeters in the ALADOX series

Digitaldosimeter der ALADOX-Baureihe

ALADOX® is a trademark registered by us in Germany under number 30 2008 063 088.

The ALADOX series was launched on the market in 2008 as the successor to the ALADOS series. The following applies to all dosimeters in the ALADOX series:

  • Designed to measure the deep personal dose equivalent of Hp (10) caused by photon radiation (X-ray and gamma radiation).
  • Robust waterproof die-cast aluminium casing.
  • Very low power consumption (approx. 5,000 operating hours with a 9V alkaline battery).
  • Extensive precautions against battery failure (readings are available again after switching on the device).
  • Constant monitoring of radiological function, battery voltage and device temperature.
  • Test mode for easy radiological review.
  • Contactless data exchange with dosimeter reader via an inductive sensor built into the battery compartment cover.
  • Archive with the data from the last 105 uses (reading the archive requires a dosimeter reader).
  • Integrated piezo speaker for melodic tones for user guidance and siren-like tones for warnings.
  • 9V battery (IEC 6LR61) included in the delivery.
  • Key technical data:
    Dose display range: 0.000 mSv–9,999 mSv
    Calibratable dose measuring range: 0.010 mSv–9,999 mSv
    Energy range: 65 keV to 3 MeV, angular range: ±60°

All personal dosimeters for Hp (10) must be worn on the body. It may also be stipulated that the dosimeter must be worn in a certain orientation to the body. The back of the ALADOX dosimeter is labelled “THIS SIDE TO THE BODY!”, and there is also a corresponding note in the instructions for use. Some may ask themselves, what happens if the ALADOX is carried the wrong way round? The ALADOX then indicates slightly higher levels. See our information sheet on this topic.

ALADOX (standard version)

Calibratable (also in Austria, BEV approval), ten adjustable warning threshold pairs for dose and dose rate, permanent digital dose display, display sequence at the push of a button with various readings (time remaining until dose alarm/battery voltage/current, maximum and average dose rate/warning thresholds/device temperature/total device dose), permanent dose storage active yes/no, acoustic single pulse detection active yes/no), programming mode for adaptation to individual requirements.

Ten pairs of warning thresholds from 0.010 mSv / 0.2 mSv/h to 10.00 mSv / 10 mSv/h. One of these warning threshold pairs can be selected. After the dose warning has been deleted, further follow-up warnings are emitted if the dose increases further.


ALADOX-F (fire brigade version)

Calibratable, four adjustable dose warning thresholds, permanent display of the dose warning threshold, display sequence at the push of a button with various readings (time remaining until dose alarm/battery voltage/dose/maximum and average dose rate/device temperature/total device dose), dose is deleted by switching off device, programming mode to determine the valid one after switching on dose warning threshold.

Four dose warning thresholds: 1 mSv / 15 mSv / 100 mSv / 250 mSv. The dose warning can only be deleted by setting a higher warning threshold.

A fixed dose rate warning threshold of 1 Sv/h (as an overexposure indicator).


ALADOX-SYS (system dosimeter)

ECalibratable, especially for use within an electronic personal dosimetry system with dosimeter readers and central dosimetry computer, two operating states “outside the control area” and “within the control area”, programmable warning thresholds, programmable ID and order number, display sequence with different readings at the push of a button (remaining time to main dose alarm / battery voltage / current, maximum and average dose rate / ID number / warning thresholds / device temperature / total device dose), self-sufficient mode (operation without dosimeter devices in special cases or emergencies). Four freely programmable dose warning thresholds (three deletable pre-alarms, one non-deletable main alarm).

A freely programmable dose rate warning threshold.

The ALADOX-SYS has a special battery lock that can only be opened with the special key 878.1.2. This prevents measuring operations from being interrupted by removing the battery while the dosimeter is being carried in the controlled area. The special key is not included in delivery as a key is not required for every dosimeter.


ALADOX-A (A = Austria)

Version for Austrian fire brigades, Austrian BEV approval for calibration, four adjustable dose warning thresholds, permanent digital dose display, display sequence with different readings (time remaining until dose alarm / battery voltage / maximum and average dose rate / dose warning threshold / device temperature / total device dose) at the push of a button, programming mode for defining the valid dose warning threshold after switching the device on.

Four dose warning thresholds: 0.01 mSv / 20 mSv / 100 mSv / 250 mSv. The dose warning can only be deleted by setting a higher warning threshold.

A fixed dose rate warning threshold of 1 Sv/h (as an overexposure indicator).

Film dosimeter

Film dosimeter

The glide shadow film cartridge GFK-20 is part of the film dosimeter of the Materialprüfungsamt Nordrhein-Westfalen (MPA NRW) approved by the PTB for the depth personal dose Hp (10) under the name MPA-glide shadow film-GD01. The film cartridge has a clip for attachment. You can, of course, also obtain this film cartridge directly from the MPA NRW. We only offer this film cartridge so that we can serve our customers, especially fire brigades, with a complete package “from a single source”. The actual film must always be directly obtained from the MPA NRW personal dose measuring point and also return it there for evaluation (MPA NRW, personal dose measuring point, 44287 Dortmund). For details, see MPA NRW (section Services / Radiation Protection).

Holder 761.10

Holder 761.10

The holder 761.10 together with a Check source allows the radiological function of dosimeters in the ALADOX series to be checked (with the exception of the radio dosimeter ALADOX-S due to its different dimensions). For the following ALADOX models, the holder is approved by the PTB to extend the calibration validity from two to six years: ALADOX, ALADOX-F and ALADOX-SYS.

Required Check source: Type Automess 6706, nuclide Cs-137, nominal activity 333 kBq (or equivalent type according to the currently withdrawn DIN 44427). The Check source is not included in the delivery.

  • Display on the typical dosimeter 260 µSv/h for a test emitter with nominal activity.
  • Duration of a measurement approx 5 minutes with a test emitter with nominal activity.
  • Repeatability of a reading Coefficient of variation less than four per cent, typically two to three per cent.
  • Material Plastic
  • Dimensions height 89 mm, width 78 mm, depth 42 mm
  • Weight approx. 250 g

Dosimeter readers

The dosimeter readers 667.9 and 667.11 are used to read and program all of our digital dosimeters via their inductive interface. The dosimeter readers are operated on a standard PC via a serial RS232 interface. Two relays can be used to control access barriers, for example.

As the dosimeter readers are operated on a PC, they primarily only contain elements that are not provided by a standard PC, i.e. the dosimeter reading slot and the relays.

Dosimeter readers 667.9

The model 667.9 has a desk housing. The front panel contains the dosimeter reading slot, an LED lamp and a buzzer on the bottom (not visible). The PC guides the user.

Dosimeter readers 667.11

Should there not be enough space for the desk-shaped reader 667.9 and the screen of the PC, the model 667.11 offers a remote reading slot as well as connection option for a backlit LCD with two lines of 16 characters.

Dosimeter reader ALADOL

The ALADOL is a handy mobile alternative to the 911.x fire stations shown above. It cannot initialise several dosimeters at the same time just one at a time. ALADOL is a compact dosimeter reader built into the housing of our digital dosimeters. It looks very similar to our digital dosimeters, but it is not a dosimeter. It is a dosimeter reader. For better distinction, the ALADOL is completely labelled in green. We chose this somewhat unusual way of installing a dosimeter reader in a dosimeter housing for the following reasons:

  • As the ALADOL is only required in small quantities, the development of a housing especially for this purpose would not be economical. The existing dosimeter housing offers all the necessary elements: inductive sensor for dosimeter dialogue, battery compartment, small LCD, tone generator, control button and watertight design.
  • The electronics of the ALADOX dosimeter can be adopted without any changes, it only has to be provided with other software. Part of the dosimeter electronics (counter, high voltage generation, pulse counting) is not required but is also not harmful.

Like the standard ALADOX dosimeters, the ALADOL is operated using a 9 volt battery. The power consumption is slightly higher than with the standard ALADOX dosimeter, but still allows approx. 3,000 hours of continuous operation with an alkaline battery. The warning thresholds used to initialise the dosimeters can be permanently programmed on the ALADOL.

If an ALADOX-SYS is in the “Battery” state on the ALADOL, it is initialised and thus set to the “Measure” state. If it is set to the “Measure” state on the ALADOL, it is set to the “Battery” state and is therefore disabled. In order to bring a dosimeter back to back to the ALADOL as simply as possible, the Plexiglas frame 887.1.3 is available as an optional accessory, in which the ALADOL is inserted with the back side facing up (so that the display “ProG” = programming now ALADOL can still be read, this text appears alternating upside down). If an ALADOX-SYS is then placed on top, it is guided through the plexiglass frame so that it lies exactly above the ALADOL, and the two inductive sensors in the battery compartment covers are exactly on top of each other.

In terms of the electrical properties of the inductive interface, the ALADOL is only compatible with dosimeters from the ALADOX series. Reliable function with older dosimeter types (ALADOS, 219.x) cannot be guaranteed.

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