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6150AD® is a trademark registered by us in Germany under number 303 55 582.

General properties

The 6150AD is a calibratable dose rate measuring device in a robust, watertight die-cast aluminium housing. The built-in counter is used to measure photon radiation (X-ray and gamma radiation). As the letters “AD” in the designation indicate, the device has an analogue and digital display with automatic range switching. Warning tones and the acoustic single pulse detection are emitted via a piezo sounder, which is integrated in the housing. A connector pin of the probe socket serves as a serial interface and can be used to transfer and evaluate the device display (dose rate) to a PC. The 9 volt battery (IEC 6LR61) included in delivery lasts for approx. 3000 operating hours.

The probe socket on the left side allows for the connection of external probes. When a probe is connected, the internal counter of the 6150AD is automatically switched off and it is then measured with the detector of the probe. The 6150AD automatically recognises the probe type (e.g. display “ext 18” when connecting a probe 6150AD-18) and selects display areas and units according to the probe type. No fixed allocation between the probe and device has to be observed. The probe cable can be up to 100 m long.

  • DL analogue: 1 µSv/h - 1000 mSv/h

  • DL digital: 0,1 µSv/h - 999 mSv/h

  • DL calibratable: 0,2 mSv/h - 999 mSv/h

  • Energy range: 45 keV - 2,6 MeV

Dose Rate Meter 6150AD

Type overview

There are two detectors with different dose rate ranges to choose from, each as a “basic” version or with “additional features”. This results in four different models, which are summarised in the table below (the earlier models 6150AD3 and 6150AD4 are no longer mentioned because they have been replaced by 6150AD5 and 6150AD6):

Model name Additional features Areas for dose rate (DL) and photon energy
6150AD1/E no

DL analogue:1 µSv/h - 1000 mSv/h DL digital:0,1 µSv/h - 999 mSv/h DL calibratable:0,2 mSv/h - 999 mSv/h Energy range:45 keV - 2,6 MeV

6150AD5/E yes
6150AD2/E no

DL analogue:1 µSv/h - 1000 mSv/h DL digital:0,1 µSv/h - 999 mSv/h DL calibratable:0,2 mSv/h - 999 mSv/h Energy range:45 keV - 2,6 MeV

6150AD6/E yes

Which model is suitable for your application?

If dose rates above 10 mSv/h are not expected, the 6150AD2/E or AD6/E is preferable because the more sensitive detector is better suited for low levels. Otherwise, the 6150AD1/E or AD5/E is the better choice (or, to cover a very large area, consider the sensitive AD2/E or AD6/E with a 6150AD-15/E gamma probe for high dose rates).

  • Protection against accidental switch-off (button must be pressed twice in the basic state).
  • Non-volatile storage of the dose of the built-in counter.
  • Dose warning.
  • Freely programmable warning thresholds for dose and dose rate.
  • Better resolution (more decimal places) when displaying dose, warning thresholds, etc.
  • Displays the relative standard deviation of the mean dose rate.
  • Detection of the scintillator probe 6150AD-b/E.

All models mentioned in the table above are designed for readings of H*(10) and calibratable. The predecessor models without the suffix “/E” on the type designation are designed for the old reading Hx and are therefore only “re-calibratable”. For new purchases, we only recommend the models listed in the table above for the German market.

According to the requirements of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), the reading must be readable on the display device for calibratable devices. To meet this requirement, “/E” models may only be compatible with “/E” probes. This must be taken into account when purchasing new products if the old 6150ADs or old probes (without the addition of “/E” are still in use). The following table provides an overview of the compatibility (yes or no) of the basic device 6150AD and probes

Basic device
Basic device
Hx probes (without “/E”):
6150AD-15, 6150AD-18, 6150AD-t, 6150AD-b
yes no
H*(10) probes (without “/E”):
6150AD-15/E, 6150AD-18/E, 6150AD-t/E, 6150AD-b/E
no yes
All pulse rate probes (display s-1, z.B. 6150AD-17, 6150AD-k) yes yes

The pulse rate probes (e.g. 6150AD-17, 6150AD-k) are not affected by the new readings and are therefore compatible with all 6150AD display devices.

We also have models of the 6150AD and Sievert probes that use the same detector as the /E models and therefore measure H*(10) as well as the /E models yet are compatible with the old devices for Hx . These models then have the suffix “/H” in the type designation. These /H models are mainly intended for use abroad because we do not want to burden our customers there with losing the compatibility with old devices when changing to the new measurement parameter. For the German market, however, we had no choice but to prevent compatibility with old devices with the new measurement parameters.

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